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Weekly pool cleaning service

What does our weekly service visits include? We get this question a lot. To sum it up, whatever your pool needs is what we do. Here is a list of some of the things we do to keep your pool running and looking its best.

  • Take chemical readings

  • Adjust chemicals as needed

  • Inspect all equipment for proper function

  • Empty skimmer basket

  • Empty pump basket

  • Skim surface of the pool

  • Vacuum bottom of the pool as needed

  • Brush walls, steps, sit-outs of the pool

  • Scrub tile as needed

  • Clear obstructions in the auto-vac

  • Clean salt system cell as needed

  • Send customer a detailed service report with picture of the pool

We also do a thorough whole system inspection and a filter service every 6 months so keep everything top-notch.

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