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Pool Plaster
pool plaster

New Plaster Start-up

If you just had your new pool built or an old pool re-plastered,

it is imperative to have a Start-Up tech Certified by the National Plasterers Council

to perform a Start-Up procedure according to their guidelines to ensure your investment is protected and will last as long as possible.

The first 28 days of fresh plaster is the most crucial time for your pools plaster or pebble tec. Improper start-up procedures can result in:

Shorter Lifespan


Metal Staining





Calcium Nodules

Despite this however, Many builders and plasterers in the area will tell the pool owners that they can handle the startup on their own by just brushing a couple times a day. Below is a redacted photo of a startup card from a local plastering company, and also one from the National Plasterers Council that has the correct procedure to protect your significant investment of a new pool and or plaster/pebbletec.

Please take the time to review and see how a Proper NPC startup differs. 

Bad Startup Card redacted.jpg
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